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7 June 2022

After much suffering, the second main version of my website is finally complete! There is still much more for me to add that I have planned- like art tutorials, photos of my costumes, cool gimmick pages, etc- But the framework is there so now I don't have to bust my fingies no more than they already have been! Yeah!

Another art page update

28 May 2022

Huzzah! I have remade the art page index. Currently only 2021 is complete, Incomplete pages are greyed out.

Art page update

22 May 2022

Coded the first updated artwork page! 2021 Page 1, Jan-Feb-March. One down, 6 active ones to go, and then I can work on uploading my old artwork as well!

Animations page update

17 May 2022

The Animations page has been updated. Now featuring all the videos in a grid instead of being one after another. Much better!

Lol Rip

15 May 2022

While updating this page I accidentally replaced the Socials page- with no backup...
The kicker? I was just about to backup the page. So.... you know. Agony. Good thing I had a screenshot of how the page looked, it's just going to be a pain in the ass to remake it. Again.
Update: I remade it in 20 minutes.
You may smite me but I shall clumber and arise from the ashes like a pissed off pheonix. Yeahyah boy! (Hip thrusts)

DaGrandDragonn Website 2.0!

13 May 2022

What's new? This page, baby! I've done a whole remaking of the guts and i'm now importing all the old content over. I am really not looking forward to the art section.
The Socials section has a completely remade layout, No longer just text- with awesome fancy icons that I made myself! Woohoo!

22/2/22, 2:22- Funny Quotes

22 February 2022

Added randomly displayed funny quote splash text at the top of the index page!
Also, Cool time. ᕙ(⍢)ᕗ

Backend Shuffle

18 February 2022

Images and links are now sorted into directories for easier updates.
Only downside is that now they have longer hyperlinks... oops!


18 January 2022

Commissions are now open!


25 October 2021

Website is first created under "Grand's Geo Globe".
This is then promptly immediately changed to DaGrandDragonn because anything outside of my established brand must be vanquished.

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