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~Base Price Information~

All prices are in AUD.


Sketch: $5
Lineart: $15
Colour: $20
Shading: $30


Sketch: $25
Lineart: $35
Colour: $40
Shading: $50

Custom pagedoll animation +$30


Sketch: $80
Lineart: $90
Colour: $95
Shading: $105

Price Calculator


Select Size

How much of your character do you want drawn?

Head, Includes only the face of your character.

Body, Includes the character's full frame.

Detailed, the amount of character depicted depends on pose and commissioner request.

Select Finish

How polished will the piece be?




a fully finished piece.

If wanted, you can recieve the previous versions of your artwork if it is a upper level.
For example, if you commission a coloured piece I can supply you with the sketch and lineart versions. Please let me know before the invoice is sent.

Select Patterning

How detailed is your character?

Here is a character with few markings and colour. He will be drawn with no extra cost to the base price.

This character has many spots. If these spots are non-specific he will be drawn with no extra cost to the base price as well.
However, if all of these spots have to be very specifically drawn he is categorised as "Very Detailed" with a $40 price increase.

This character has more than 5 colours and has complicated patterns. He is categorised as "Detailed" and has a $20 price increase.

Very Detailed
This character has a difficult and complex design, with many colours. "Very Detailed" with a $40 price increase.

Scale Detail?

Do you want handdrawn scales? How many?

Small Amounts
If you want your character to be drawn with only a portion of their body scaled, such as a tail as demonstrated in the example image, a limb, etc- please select the "Small amounts" option.

Large Amounts
If you want the vast majority of your character to be scaled, please select the "Large amounts" option.
I suggest this option for speedpaints, it is very satisfying!

A scaled character doesn't neccesarily mean they will be drawn with scale detail. I will leave them simplistic by default- you will have to specifically request for this in your email.

Select Species

What species is your character?

Canine, Feline, Avian

Dogs, Wolves, Hyenas, Jackals, Dingoes, Foxes,
Cheetahs, Cats, Caracals, Pumas, Leopard, Ocelot, Serval, Lynx, Bobcat, Pallas cat, Marbled cat, Cougar,
All modern cat breeds,
All birds, including Ostriches, Chickens, Parrots, Songbirds, Seagulls, Pelicans, Ducks, and fantasy species such as Griffins, Hippogriff, Cerubus, etc.

Reptile, Amphibian, Farm Animal, Insect

Lizards, Dragons, Wurms, Snakes, Dinosaurs, Frogs, Toads, Tadpoles, Axolotls, Salamanders, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Rodents, Chinchillas, Deer, Pigs, Cows, Bulls, Ox, Horses, Dolphins, Fish, Mantis, Grasshoppers, Cockroaches, Parasites, Stick bug, Centipede, Millipede, buggy dudes in general, etc.


Slimes, Goop, Worms, Worms on string, etc.

Human, Humanoid

TV heads, Object heads (if body is humanoid) The average joe next door, you, if you aren't reading this in the future where dolphins have taken over the world, Human-shaped monsters, etc.


Robots, Transformers, Turrets, Automorph, Aeromorph, Locomorph, Mecha, Gundam, etc.


Anything that doesn't fit in the other categories, I guess?

Other information

Additional information

Please send me a clear reference sheet, preferably digital with a colour pallette and no shading. I can work on written description, but please expect some artistic to be liberty taken.

Slight colour changes may be applied to the character to make the artwork look more appealing.

If anything here confuses you, feel free to ask me to clarify them for you. I don't bite... usually.

You can ask for the in progress shots of your drawing or a speed paint if you'd like. Let me know first though.

The average turn-around time is 2 days to 3 weeks.

If I haven't responded to your email within 3 days please resend it, as it was probably lost.

Accessories on your character may cost more depending on complexity.

The calculator gives you the general price. All final prices will be discussed and agreed upon over email.

I will respond to messages on sites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Discord, etc- but they are more prone to be lost.

Prices listed in this webpage are prone to change.

Please check if the commissions are open before sending the message. If you message me when they aren't, I may not respond due to me being busy.

•Commercial licence: 500% •Please note that all prices listed are for personal use.

When messaging for a quote,
please follow this form in your email and send to
Send Email↝
Type of Commission:
Character reference sheet:
Special requests:
Email the invoice will be sent to:
Sample Email
Hello, I would like to purchase a headshot of my character, I want him to be winking with his tongue out. Shaded, please.
Reference Sheet Attachment:
Don't forget his big blue eyespot! It's very important!
Please send the invoice to
Thank you!