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Sketch: $5
Lineart: $10
Colour: $15
Shading: $25


Sketch: $25
Lineart: $30
Colour: $45
Shading: $55


Sketch: $15
Lineart: $20
Colour: $35
Shading: $45

Custom Character Design

Sketch: $25
(Flat)Colour: $45

Full Illustration

Sketch: $30
Lineart: $70
Colour: $100
Shading: $120

Commercial licence: 500%
Please note that all prices listed are for personal use.
Prices may vary on complexity. Difficult poses may cost more.
Convert prices from AUD to your currency on time of purchase. Please message for a free quote.
I can draw any species, including robot and human.

When messaging for a quote, please follow this form in your email and send to

Username: (For the commission to be addressed to)
Type of Commission: (Head? Miniature? Sketch? Colour?)
Character reference sheet:
(A clear reference of your character for the artwork to be based off of.
Textual references are accepted, but the result will have artistic liberty.
In the case of a Custom character design, please write what you want here.)
Special requests: (Any specific pose you want? Expression?)
Email the invoice will be sent to: (

Blank form

Type of Commission:
Character reference sheet:
Special requests:
Email the invoice will be sent to:

Send Email

Thank you for your interest. You should have a response asap!
(Typically in 1-3 business days.)